Insulated tee is a T-shaped insulated product used to install perpendicular joints in a main pipeline to a branched heat pipe extension. In some cases, the insulated branch may also be connected in parallel, the purpose of which is to reduce the negative loads on the main pipe.

Insulated tees can be installed:

  • By installing a fixed support on the branching at a maximum distance of 12 m from the branching point;
  • By installing half a P-shaped compensator;
  • By laying a branching in parallel to the main pipe.

In most cases, preference is given to laying branchings in parallel to the main pipe, followed by a 90° branch. The displacement such pipe expansion will not affect the main tube. In addition, the amount of excavation work will be reduced.

If the size of the branching is equal to or close to the size of the main pipe, any branching must be protected against overloads by welding the reinforcing liner.

We offer insulated branching units: perpendicular – 45°, T-shaped, parallel – 90°, for pipes with standard and reinforced insulation.

Maximum operating temperature: 135 ºC.

Pre-insulated tee pipes dimentions: DN20 – DN1000, but if necessary we can offer bigger diameter pre-insulated tee pipes

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