Pre-insulated pipes are the basic products of an insulated pipe system used in the installation of underground heating pipelines and are also used in industry.

During the manufacturing process, pre-insulated pipes are subjected to control tests, which ensure high quality standards. The applicable control methods ensure the quality of the products and their long service life. The quality of production is ensured by applying a quality control system according to the requirements of the European standard.

Pre-insulated pipes include:

  • The main service pipe is based on a steel pipe made of P235GH steel;
  • Thermally insulated polyurethane foam layer completely ensures a uniform thermal insulation material throughout the pipe length. The components are non-toxic and comply with the requirements of the International Environmental Organization. During the reaction, the outer casing – the polyethylene tube and the steel tube are securely bonded to each other.
  • Polyethylene (outer) casing is made of high density polyethylene, which meets the requirements for insulated pipes, has a waterproofing coating on the insulating layer;

Insulated pipes meet the following quality standards: PN-EN 253; PN-EN-448; PN-EN 488; PN-EN-489; PN – EN 13941; PN-EN 14419.

Pre-insulated pipe dimensions are from Ø20 mm to Ø630 mm., but if necessary we can offer a bigger dimensions.

Maximum operating temperature: 135 ºC.

Life span: 30 years.

Standard pipe length: 12 m, 6 m.

Pre-insulated pipes dimensions:

Pre-insulated SPIRO pipes

Pre-insulated SPIRO pipes have a special outer casing, which is standard made of spiral-coated steel zinc-coated tinplate.

The pre-insulated SPIRO tube consists of:

  • The base of the main tube is a steel tube made of P235GH steel;
  • Outer casing is made of spiral-covered steel zinc-coated tinplate;
  • Thermal insulation layer is made of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR). The thermal insulation layer completely ensures that the homogeneous thermal insulation material is obtained over the entire length of the pipe. During the reaction, the polyethylene tube and the steel tube are securely bonded to each other.


  • Industrial insulated SPIRO pipe lengths: 12 m; 6 m;
  • Dimensions of pre-insulated SPIRO pipes: Ø20 – Ø630 mm, but if necessay we can offer bigger dimensions;
  • The maximum operating temperature is 135 ºC.

Pre-insulated double pipe systems

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