Pre- insulated transmition is a straight element with a steel flange welded on the external part used to stop axial displacement of the pipeline after concreting the entire structure.

Ready-to-mount fixed supports can be installed to fix the pipes to dampen the displacement caused by expansion due to temperature and pressure differences.

Pre-insulated transmition are installed:

  • At a maximum distance of 12 m from the branching, on the branching;
  • The installation method with natural compensation is used;
  • Using a mounting system with bellows and other expansion joints; In places that need to be protected from major shifts;
  • At the entrances to the building with sufficiently large bending elbows;
  • In case of large diameter changes.

When installing pre-insulated transmition, the ditch must be dug wider and deeper. Due to the high load on the fixed support of the heat network, it must be installed as densely as possible in the ground.

A maximum operating temperature is 135 ºC.

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