Construction materials

We are engaged in wholesale trade and supply of building materials to business entities. We service, consult and supply materials for various construction sites. Currently, we can offer a wide range of wall construction materials (blocks, bricks, lintels, floorings) to which we can complete insulation materials individually (various wool, polystyrene, insulation plaster, thermal insulation panels, etc.) or the whole system together with finishing materials. We also offer various building mixes, putties or glues. We offer complete or separate elements roofing systems (wood, insulation materials, profiled tin, tiles, bituminous tiles, torchable bituminous roofing, polycarbonate sheets), as well as water drainage systems (gutters, crowns, ridges), chimney and ventilation kits. We supply all interior finishing materials from OSB, gypsum board, mounting profiles, fasteners to final interior materials (putty, primer, paint, wallpaper, ceramic tiles, etc.), domestic plumbing, ceramic, electrical installation and accessories.

There is a high demand for environmental and well-being products from our range, such as paving blocks, sidewalks, curbs, decorative concrete products. We also produce according to orders and supply standard fences, fence segments, mechanical and automatic gates. We can produce different options of fencing systems according to customer’s request.