Dovyra JSC was established in 1995. It is a private equity company working with manufacturers in Latvia, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Finland, Denmark, Germany and other countries and actively expanding its activities and cooperation with Lithuanian companies.

The head office of the company is in Šiauliai, as well as a representative office is in Kaunas.

The company employs highly qualified specialists with excellent knowledge of their work, who react promptly to the client’s needs and provide solutions that meet the client’s expectations.

Dovyra JSC currently offers you a wide range of materials for the construction of engineering networks:

Pre-insulated steel and plastic pipes for heating networks, industry. Currently we supply Latvian and Polish products. All pre-insulated products are certified and comply with LST EN 253:2016+A2 requirements. The supplied products are EHP1, EN253, EN 448, EN 488, EN 489 certified;

Closing fittings for heat, water, gas pipeline systems. We collaborate with BROEN, VEXVE and LD production manufacturers and representatives who manufacture and supply ball and butterfly valves. Both shut-off and balancing valves can be successfully used in the energy sector, multi-purpose heat networks, oil products, compressed air, natural, liquefied and biogas pipelines, as well as stainless steel pipelines for technology processes;

PE 100 RC pipes for water supply, sewage, gas supply. Company represented by Dovyra JSC has a wide range of PE100 and PE100RC products. All products are manufactured according to EN 12201, EN 1555, PAS 1075 type 1,2,3.

Construction materials. We can offer you a wide and varied range of building materials, including all building mixes, cement, building blocks, bricks, insulation, exterior and interior decoration materials, as well as steel roofing, wall coverings, manhole curbs, well-being products and other concrete products. For successful completion and completion of the object works we offer full operative supply of plumbing and fittings parts (blinds, crossings, tees, elbows). Considering that the vast majority of leading Lithuanian product group suppliers can offer only a narrow range of their products, we can safely say that the wide range and timely information we manage is of high quality, constantly updated and at very competitive prices;

Metal and metal products. We can offer different grades and types of ferrous metals (round and profiled pipes, rods, sheets, corners, beams, troughs, structural fittings), non-ferrous metals (rods, sheets, bronze bushings), stainless steel (rods, pipes, sheets) galvanized, painted tinplate (rolls, sheets, profiled). We offer a wide range of metal products made in EU and Russian metallurgical factories. We have the ability to complete orders from products in our warehouse and we can deliver in the shortest possible time those out of stock. We can prepare all metal products in the lengths and dimensions you need and deliver them anywhere in Lithuania.

The aim of Dovyra JSC is to provide the client with the widest possible range of products needed for successful project implementation.