Pre-insulated permanent action compensators

Compensator is a special insulated product or a group of elbows insulated in some given order that take axial expansion loads of the district heating pipeline within the expansion zone.

Compensators are designed to eliminate vibrations and temperature expansion in the pipeline. Compensators can eliminate pipeline misalignment and compensate pipeline deflections. Equipped mainly for vibration damping. Able to work with a variety of aggressive environments. The compensators are adjusted for the maximum displacement that can be accepted as the pipeline section they serve expands.

When welding the compensator, it must be covered. The compensating part must be protected from excessive mechanical impact. Only one axial compensator may be installed between two fixed supports. If there are several, it is necessary to fasten the straight part of the pipeline with light intermediate supports. The pipes must not be subjected to test pressure or static loads until fixed supports have been installed. Otherwise, the compensator may become stretched and will not work. During operation, strong hydraulic shocks must be avoided.

We can offer two types of compensators:

  • Starting (single-acting) compensators (E-coupling);
  • Pre-insulated lens permanent action compensators.

Starting single-acting compensators can be completed at customer’s request as follows:

Starting compensator set

  • Heat shrink sleeve (required diameter and length) – 1 pc;
  • Cable holders – 4 pcs;
  • Wire connectors – 2 pcs;
  • PUR component kit;
  • Heat shrink tape (required length and width by coupling diameter) – 2 pcs;
  • Locking tape (required length and width according to coupling diameter) – 2 pcs;
  • Starting (single acting) compensator – 1 pc.

Pre-insulated permanent action (lens) compensators can be offered in several different ways:

  • Steel compensator;
  • Factory made, pre-insulated, permanent action compensator.

Starting compensator

Starting and pre-insulated permanent action compensators dimensions: from DN20 to DN1000, but if necessary we can offer bigger diameters compensators

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