Additional materials and equipment used for the installation of the district heating network pipelines ensure the continuous installation of the heating networks. Of course, some additional materials (signal tape, building film, and other materials) can be used in manufacturing, industrial and other production processes.

In cooperation with manufacturers and agents, we can offer and expeditiously supply the following materials and equipment for the installation of district heat networks:

  • Heat shrinkable end caps;
  • Sealing rubber rings;
  • PUR component sets;
  • Sliding supports;
  • Signal tape (“HEAT NETWORKS”; “CABLE”; “STOP GAS”; “STOP”);
  • Joints welding equipment and electrodes (from gas burner to welding apparatus);
  • Joints installation equipment and tools (from goggles to plug soldering irons);
  • Heat-shrinkable tape and closure patch;
  • Compensating cushions (40x1000x1000 mm);
  • Building film;
  • Other materials for fitting couplings (melt-in plugs; wire connectors; plastic wire, etc.).
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